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Episode reviews

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Episode 001
Raditz lands on Earth and explains Gokus heritage....Raditz
reveals that he is gokus big brother. 

Episode 002
Raditz Kidnaps Gohan and Goku is left helpless, Piccolo arrives 
beside Goku. Goku and Piccolo Leave the Island in search of 
Gohan and Raditz. Goku and Piccolo engage in Battle with 
Raditz but there effort is futile. Goku and Piccolo Take off 
their weighted clothing and appear stronger. 

Episode 003
Gohan's hidden powers emerge when Raditz try to kill his
father and saves Goku

Episode 004
Goku holds Raditz down and sacrifices his life while Piccolo 
Performs the Special Beam Cannon. It passes through
Raditz and Goku's Chests. Goku Passes away to the 
afterlife, Raditz reveals that 2 other Saiyans much stronger 
than He are on there way for the Dragonballs. Piccolo 
takes Gohan for training.

Episode 005
Goku travels Snake Way, Krillin goes to see Chichi and tells her
he is dead. Gohan trains with Piccolo. While trapped on a hill 
during training, Gohan goes Oozaru (Turns into a Giant 
Monkey!) and goes on a rampage.

Episode 006
Gohan falls into an underground cave and finds an old, 
wrecked robot. Gohan helps a hurt dinosaur.

Episode 007
Vegeta and Nappa arrive on planet Arlia and destroy the planet
for no reason, this shows how ruthless they are.

Episode 008
While Goku travels Snake Way, he falls to the Home Of Infinite
Losers (Hell). Goku attempts to get back to Heaven, but the 
guards wont let him unless he beats them in a challenge. Goku 
Wins with ease and takes the secret route back to Snake Way.

Episode 009
Goku arrives at Princess Snakes Palace which Goku thinks is King
Kais house. She tries to Brain wash him but he escapes.

Episode 010
Gohan gets caught in a storm at sea, Piccolo trains in split form.
Gohan meets a gang of orphans and helps them escape from the
foster home.

Episode 011
Piccolo trains Gohan. Krillen, Tien, Yamcha, and Choatzu train in
Pendulum Room and get beaten badly by the simulated Saiyans.

Episode 012
Artificial moonlight makes Gohan go Oozaru, Goku reaches King
Kais Planet.

Episode 013
King Kai trains Goku by having him chase Bubbles (his monkey)
Goku is not use to the gravity on the planet because it is 10
times that of Earth.

Episode 014
Goku trains with mallet against Gregory (a cricket), Tien, Gohan,
Yamcha, Krillen, Choatzu, and Piccolo arrive at the battle field
where they are supposed to meet Nappa and Vegeta.

Episode 015
Goku gets wished back by the Dragonballs, now he must travel
back through snake way in order to get back, Vegeta and Nappa land.

Episode 016
Vegeta and Nappa arrives on Earth, Nappa creates 6 Saibamen.
who attacks Chaozu, Gohan, Krillin Piccolo, Tien and Yamcha

Episode 017

Yamcha is killed when self destructed by a Saibamen. 
The 5 Saibamen get killed by
Krillin Piccolo and Tien 

Episode 018
Tien's forearm is ripped off, Choatzu sacrifices himself and is killed.

Episode 019 
Everyone fights Nappa, Tien is killed. They take a 2 hour brake
to wait for Gokus arrival.
Nappa trashes reporters and navy, Goku leaves Travels Snakeway.

Episode 020
Krillen cuts Nappa's face with a Distructo Disk, Piccolo shields
Gohan from a blast that Nappa unleashed and is down.

Episode 021
Kami dies when Piccolo dies, Goku arrives and fights Nappa.

Episode 022
Goku Defeats Nappa, Vegeta kills Nappa because he is 
proven a weakling. Goku fights Vegeta.

Episode 023 
Goku starts to charge up, Vegeta goes Oozaru.

Episode 024 
Goku fights Oozaru Vegeta.
Gohan and Krillen return to Battle Field where Goku and Vegeta
are, Yajirobe cuts Vegeta's tail off which turns him back to normal.
Goku Makes Spirit Bomb but fails to use it.

Episode 025
Goku Makes Spirit Bomb and Krillen throws it, he misses and it
almost hits Gohan, but he bounces it right back to Vegeta and
he is shot out into space. Vegeta arrives back on Earth and is
very mad, he notices Gohans Tail.

Episode 026 
Vegeta turns Gohan Oozaru, Gohan Crushes Vegeta, Vegeta 
nearly escapes.

Episode 027 
The others Heal Gohan and Krillen....Goku remains in the
Hospital. Bulma learns of Namek and their own set of
Dragonballs. Mr. Popo shows Bulma Kami's spaceship.

Episode 028 
Bulma Repairs Kami's spaceship and they blast off for a test
drive, Gohan, Krillen and Bulma leave for Namek.
Bulma and others get attacked by another spaceship and get
captured by kids.

Episode 029 
Bulma saves the kids ship, Vegeta goes to Planet Freeza to heal.

Episode 030 
Bulma and the others land on Fake Namek, meet "Nameks", look
for Dragon Balls.

Episode 031 
Vegeta heals, Bulma looks for Namek Dragon Balls, Vegeta Is
completely healed. Vegeta leaves for Namek.

Episode 032
Bulma Looks for Dragonballs, they realize that they are on the
wrong planet, they escape the fake Namek, and land on real Namek.
Krillen and Gohan battle 2 of Freeza's henchmen, Vegeta kills
Kiwi (One of Freeza's henchman).

Episode 033
Bulma and Others hides in a cave. Freeza passes by the cave
where they are hiding, 

Episode 034
Goku leaves for Namek

Episode 035 
Freeza kills lots of Nameks, Namek warriors battle Freeza's henchmen.

Episode 036
Dodoria kills the Warrior Nameks, Krillen and Gohan save Dende's
(A Namekian Child) life.

Episode 037 
Gohan and Krillen escape Dodoria, Vegeta learns that Freeza
destroyed his home planet and it wasn't a meteorite that
crashed into it. He kills Dodoria
Vegeta looks for Krillin and Gohan, they escape and find Bulma

Episode 038
Vegeta destroys village and gets a dragonball.

Episode 039
Kaiou orders Goku not to fight Freeza tells Goku his friends have arrived, 
Vegeta battles Zarbon.Zarbon transformed beats Vegeta, Dende brings 
Krillin to Saichourou. 

Episode 041 
Saichourou gives Krillin Ishinchuu and releases his dormant power.
Train at Kaiou-sei, Vegeta escapes and finds a Dragon Ball

Episode 043
Gohan finds the one Vegeta hid and Vegeta steals Freeza's DB's.
Vegeta and Zarbon chases Krillin.

Episode 044
Vegeta fights Zarbon

Episode 045
Vegeta kills Zarbon, Vegeta takes Ishinchuu from Krillin.
Freeza calls for the Ginyu Tokusentai, Vegeta confronts Gohan.

Episode 046 
Suushinchuu (Draon ball) falls in deep water and Buruma must retrive it.

Episode 047 
Freeza's men make Buruma dive for the Dragon Ball, she escapes.

Episode 048 
Gohan's dormant powers are awakened by Saichorou, the Ginyu arrives.

Episode 049 
The Ginyu attacks, they take the Dragon Ball 

Episode 050 
Krillin and Gohan fight Gurudo, Vegeta beheads Gurudo.

Episode 051
Vegeta battles Rikuum, Krillin knocked out. 
Gohan battles Rikuum, Gohan's neck broken, Goku lands on Namek.

Episode 052 
Goku arrives and pases out Senzu, Goku defeats Rikuum.

Episode 053
Goku battles Jees and Bahta.

Episode 054 
Goku defeats Bahta, Jees escapes.

Episode 055
Goku battles Jees and Ginyu.

Episode 056 
Goku battles Ginyu.Freeza attacks the Nameks at Saichorou's temple.

Episode 057 
Freeza fights Nail, Ginyu exchanges bodies with Goku.

Episode 058 
Vegeta returns to Freeza's ship and attempts to summon the Dragon.

Episode 059
Krillin and Gohan fight Ginyu in Goku's body, Vegeta kills Jees. 

Episode 060
Goku gets his body back, Ginyu turns into a Namek toad. 

Episode 061
Freeza beats Nail, Krillin brings Dende to the ship, call Porunga. 

Episode 062
Kami and Piccolo brought back by Porunga, Freeza confronts everyone. 

Episode 063
Piccolo receives Nail's power, Freeza mutates to his second form. 

Episode 064
Freeza tells of Saiya-jin history, Freeza impales Krillin. 

Episode 065
Freeza tosses Krillin's body in a lake, Gohan fights Freeza. 
Krillin cuts Freeza's tail off, Dende heals Gohan. 

Episode 066
Piccolo fights Freeza. 

Episode 067

Piccolo removes his heavy battle clothes, Freeza mutates 

Episode 068
Gohan Fights Freeza, Krillin shoots Vegeta so that Dende can heal Vegeta. 
Freeza mutates again.

Episode 069

Freeza's final mutation. Freeza kills Dende, Vegeta fights Freeza

Episode 070
Vegeta loses to Freeza, Goku healed. 

Episode 071
Goku arrives, Freeza kills Vegeta, tells of King Vegeta. 

Episode 072
Goku fights Freeza. 

Episode 073
Goku and Freeza battle using rocks and fireballs 

Episode 074
Goku fights Freeza, Ginyu exchanges frog body with Buruma 

Episode 075
Goku fights Freeza, Ginyu as Buruma finds the others 

Episode 076
Ginyu tries to switch with Piccolo, switches with frog Buruma 

Episode 077
Goku fights Freeza and prepares the spirit bomb

Episode 078
Goku fights Freeza, Ginyu Tokusentai appears at Kaiou-sei.
Ginyu Tokusentai wreaks havok at Kaiou-sei. 

Episode 079
Goku hits Freeza with Genkidama, the Ginyu fights all at

Episode 080
Ginyu Tokusentai sent to Hell, Freeza kills Krillin, Goku goes SSJ.

Episode 081
Super Saiya-jin Goku battles Freeza, Gohan leaves with Piccolo. 

Episode 082
Super Saiya-jin Goku fights Freeza. Freeza shoots an energy blast 
to the core of the planet, this will chouse the planet to explode whitin a 
view minutes.

Episode 083
Freeza bulks up, Gohan takes Buruma back to Goku's ship. 

Episode 084
Super Saiya-jin Goku fights Freeza, Sheng Long is summoned.

Episode 085
Goku fights Freeza, Sheng Long revives everyone killed by Freeza. 

Episode 086
Dende wishes for Porunga to send all but Goku and Freeza to Earth.

Episode 087
Goku fights Freeza

Episode 088
Goku battles Freeza, Freeza launches a Distructo Discs at Goku.

Episode 089
Goku battles Freeza, Freeza gets cut in three pieces by his own 
Distructo Discs.

Episode 090 
The Nameks and the Dragonballs fall to Earth, Goku gives Freeza
energy to escape but attacks Goku instead. Goku then Kills
Freeza for good. 

Episode 091
Goku tries to leave Namek but it explodes. Gohan fights Vegeta
because he was making fun of Goku.

Episode 092
Porunga is called on Earth, everyone gets wished back to life,
Vegeta leaves to train in outer space.

Episode 093
Garlic Jr. appears and wreaks Kami's Lookout.

Episode 094
Chichi, Bulma, Yamcha, and Master Roshi get possessed by Black fog.

Episode 095
Garlic Jr's henchmen turn Piccolo evil, Gohan and Krillen go to

Episode 096 
Gohan and Krillen fight Garlic Jr. and his henchmen at Kami's,
Krillen gets knocked out.

Episode 097
Gohan fights possessed Piccolo, Piccolo bites Krillen.

Episode 098
Piccolo and Krillen turn out to not infected my the mist and
were playing around the whole time. Gohan and the others
battle the three henchmen, Garlic Jr. Transforms to huge Garlic Jr.

Episode 099
The two henchmen transform, the fighting continues.

Episode 100
Gohan and Piccolo battles Garlic Jr.

Episode 101
They defeat Garlic Jr. by sending him into a black hole, people
back to normal.

Episode 102 
Gohan, Krillen and the others play around. 

Episode 103
Gohan gets a mean private tutor, Vegeta returns to Earth.

Episode 104
Trunks,a mysterious Saiyan appears, everyone assembles to
fight Freeza, then his ship lands.

Episode 105
Trunks kills all of King Cold's (Freezas Father) henchmen, then he
goes Super Saiyan.

Episode 106
Trunks cuts Freeza into pieces and disintegrates him, then kills
King Cold. Goku arrives on earth.

Episode 107
Goku meets Trunks, Trunks tells Goku that he is from the future
and that 2 horrible Androids will come to take over the earth.
Trunks tells Goku of his upcoming death and gives him the
antidote for when he feels pain.

Episode 108
Goku tells of his escape from Namek, shows off his new ability to

Episode 109
All train for the upcoming battle against the Androids.

Episode 110
Goku and Piccolo take driving lessons and fail miserably.

Episode 111
Androids 19 and 20 arrive in city, Yamcha killed by Android 20.

Episode 112
Goku and the others meet the Androids, they give Yamcha a
Senzu bean, they battle the Androids.

Episode 113
Goku battles Android 19.

Episode 114 
Goku gets heart dissease, Vegeta goes Super Saiyan and tells
how he first when Super Saiyan.

Episode 115 
Vegeta tears Android 19's hands off and disintegrates him, 
then Android 20 flees.

Episode 116
Piccolo battles Android 20 and chops his hand off, Trunks returns.

Episode 117
Everyone chases Android 20, everyone learns that Future
Trunks is Bulmas baby.

Episode 118
Android 20 (dr. Gero) revives Android 17 and Android 18.

Episode 119
Android 17 kills Android 20 (dr. Gero), Android 18 revives Android 16.

Episode 120
Vegeta battles Android 18, Android 18 breaks his arm, Trunks attacks
Android 18.

Episode 121
Androids 17 and 18 take out Piccolo, Trunks, Vegeta and Tien.

Episode 122
Goku remains sick.

Episode 123
Androids 16, 17 and 18 steal a van and take out a gang of

Episode 124
Trunks tells of his future, Goku has a nightmare of deaths.

Episode 125
Gohan and Trunks meet Bulma at the time capsule in which cell
traveled from the future and they find the egg of Cell.

Episode 126
Piccolo and Kami fuse.

Episode 127 
Piccolo fights Cell.

Episode 128
Cell drains Piccolo's arm, Cell destroys army and tells of his
arrival. Piccolo regenerates his arm.

Episode 129
Piccolo beats the crap out of Cell, but he escapes.

Episode 130
Krillen and Trunks destroy the cave where Cell is incubating in
this timeline.

Episode 131
Krillen fights Cell on an airplane, Cell escapes, Goku recovers.

Episode 132
Everyone meets at Kami's, Trunks and Vegeta enter the Room of
Spirit and Time.

Episode 133
Piccolo fights Android 17, he tries to blow Android 17 up, Cell arrives
in a city.

Episode 134
Bulma makes a device that will cause the Androids to self

Episode 135
Piccolo and Android 17 team up and fight Cell.

Episode 136 
Android 17 fights Cell and almost gets absorbed.

Episode 137 
Android 16 fights Cell, Cell absorbs Android 17, Tien fights Cel

Episode 138 
Tien Blasts Cell over and over to buy time for the others to escape.
Tien faints from using too much power, Goku takes all of the injured Z 
fighters to Kami's. Vegeta and Trunks come out of  the Time Chamber

Episode 139
Everyone trains at Kami's and they get new battlesuits and
battle armor, Cell destroys more cities.

Episode 140
Cell finds Android 18 and Android 19 but right on time finds Vegeta 
Cell and fights him.Goku and Gohan enter the Room of Spirit and Time.

Episode 141
Vegeta fights Cell, Goku and Gohan tran in the Room of Spirit and Time.

Episode 142 
Cell is losing the battle with Vegeta and tries to convince Vegeta to let 
him absorb Android 18, Goku and Gohan train.

Episode 143
Vegeta and Trunks battle Cell.

Episode 144 
Vegeta, Trunks, and Android 16 battle Cell, Vegeta lets Cell absorb Android 18.

Episode 145 
Cell mutates to Perfect Cell, Gohan goes SSJ for the first time.

Episode 146 
Vegeta fights Cell, Goku and Gohan train.

Episode 147 
Vegeta fireballs Cell in half, but Cell regenerates, Trunks charges
up to Ultra SSJ( stage in between SSJ and SSJ2).

Episode 148 
Trunks fights Cell, Krillen leaves with unconscious Vegeta.

Episode 149 
Trunks and Cell explain their pasts.

Episode 150 
Trunks fights Cell.

Episode 151 
Everyone reflects on the past.

Episode 152 
Bulma fixes Android 16, Cell comes on TV to challenge
announce a tournement, also known as the Cell Games.

Episode 153 
Goku and Gohan come out of the Time Chamber and the others
tell them of Cell as they eat, Gohan gets Piccolos outfit.

Episode 154 
Everyone gathers for Family fun and they relax until the Cell

Episode 155 
Gohan saves a girl's life and rids a town of evil businessmen.

Episode 156 
On Gohan's birthday, Goku and Chichi look back on Gohan as a

Episode 157 
Army attacks Cell, Cell destroys the army.

Episode 158 
Dende brings the Dragon Balls back and takes Kamis place as
Guardian of Earth.

Episode 159 
Goku goes after the two Dragon Balls that Tao Pie has.

Episode 160 
Mr. Satan arrives to fight Cell, everyone else shows up.

Episode 161 
The Satan squad shows off, Mr. Satan gets flicked away by Cell.

Episode 162 
Goku fights Cell, Goku goes Super Saiya-jin.

Episode 163 
Cell powers up, Cell shoots homing fireballs at Goku.

Episode 164 
Goku shoots Cell's arms and head off with a Teleport plus

Episode 165 
Cell rejuvenates, Goku continues fighting him.

Episode 166 
Goku gives Cell a Senzu bean like an idiot, then lets Gohan fight him.

Episode 167 
Gohan fights Cell.

Episode 168 
Gohan fights Cell, Android 16 attacks Cell, his body is
destroyed leaving only his head, Cell releases 7 Cell Jr's.

Episode 169 
Cell Jr's beat everyone badly, Android 16's head crushed by
Cell, Gohan is enraged and goes SSJ2 for the first time in ancient
Saiyan History.

Episode 170 
Gohan kills Cell Jr's with ease in about 10 sec.

Episode 171 
Gohan fights Cell.

Episode 172 
Gohan punches Cell and he spits Android 18 out, then he goes
back to stage 2.

Episode 173 
Cell starts to Self-Destruct, but Goku warps Cell to King Kais,
Cell kills Goku, and King Kai, Cell comes back and is in Perfect
form again and Blasts Trunks right through the Chest, Vegeta is

Episode 174 
Vegeta goes insane on Cell for killing Trunks.

Episode 175 
Gohan fights Cell.

Episode 176 
Gohan kills Cell.

Episode 177 
Everyone returns to Kami's, Sheng Long is summoned and he
revives Trunks and Android 18.

Episode 178 
Everyone goes their separate ways after defeating Cell.

Episode 179 
Trunks returns to his timeline, kills Android's 17, 18 and Cell.

Episode 180 
Goku and Pikeon fight Freeza and Cell in the afterlife, Pikeon
beats them with ease.

Episode 181 
Beginning of the Afterlife Tournament which only happens once
every 1000 years.

Episode 182 
Goku fights fishman, Pikeon fights Monster.

Episode 183 
Goku fights a dinosaur, after that he begins fighting Pikeon.

Episode 184 
Goku and Pikeon get disqualified for touching the ceiling.

Episode 185 
7 years later, Gohan starts his education at Orange Star High School.

Episode 186 
Gohan gets Great Saiyaman watch from Bulma which holds a
costume inside of it.

Episode 187 
Angela (a girl that likes Gohan) threatens to reveal what she
thinks Gohan's secret is.

Episode 188 
Gohan helps save hostages, he fights bad guys with Videl.

Episode 189
Gohan rescues baby pterodactyl from cruel circus.

Episode 190 
Gohan hears from Goku, Gohan starts training Goten.

Episode 191 
Everyone trains for the upcoming Tenkaichibudoukai, Goten goes SSJ.

Episode 192 
Gohan trains Videl, Vegeta and Trunks spar, Videl cuts her hair.

Episode 193 
Videl learns to fly, everyone along with Goku meet at the

Episode 194 
Photographer takes pictures of the group, Piccolo breaks the

Episode 195 
Tenkaichibudoukai starts, Mr. Satan re-enacts Cell Game.

Episode 196 
Goten fights Trunks.

Episode 197 
Trunks beats Goten, Mr. Satan gets worried because the golden
fighters have returned.

Episode 198 
Trunks beats Mr. Satan with one punch, everybody meets Kibito
and Kaioushin.

Episode 199 
Trunks and Goten disguise themselves as Mighty Mask so that
they can enter the adult division.

Episode 200 
Krillin wins his fight, Piccolo forfeits the fight with Kaioushin,
which turns out to be the Supreme Kai.

Episode 201 
Videl fights Spopavich.

Episode 202 
Videl loses.

Episode 203 
Videl rests in the hospital, Gohan gives her a Senzu bean, Gohan
faces Kibito.

Episode 2
Yamu and Spopavich steal Gohan's power.

Episode 20
Yamu and Spopavich return to Babi-di's ship.

Episode 2
Dabura turns Krillin and Piccolo into stone, Vegeta fights Pui-Pui.

Episode 2
Vegeta wins, Goku faces Yakon.

Episode 2
Goku beats Yakon.

Episode 2
Android 18, Mighty mask, Jewel, Killa, and Mr. Satan fight in a
brawl, Killa and Jewel get knocked out of the ring.

Episode 2
Android 18 reveals that Mighty mask is Goten and Trunks.

Episode 2
Android 18 loses the fight on purpose because Mr. Satan
offered her 20 million dollars.

Episode 2
Gohan's glove gets turned to stone, Gohan breaks Dabura's

Episode 2
Vegeta gets possessed and turns into Majin Vegeta, he then
destroys the Tenkaichibudokai arena.

Episode 2
Everyone Warps to the desert, Gohan and Kaioushin arrive
inside Babi-di's ship.

Episode 2
Goku fights Vegeta.

Episode 21
Gohan and Kaioushin reach the Majin egg chamber, Goku fights

Episode 2
Ma-jin Buu hatches, Goku fights Vegeta.

Episode 2
Buu trashes Dabura, Vegeta knocks Goku out.

Episode 2
Buu trashes Gohan and Kaioushin, Trunks breaks stone Piccolo.

Episode 2
Buu turns Dabura into a cookie and eats him, Krillin and Piccolo
come back alive.

Episode 2
Vegeta battles Buu, he hurts Vegeta's arm, Buu divides.

Episode 2
Trunks and Goten help Vegeta, Piccolo attacks Babi-di.

Episode 2
Vegeta attempts to disintegrate Ma-jin Buu by self destructing
but fails and he dies.

Episode 2
Videl and others look for Dragon Balls. Goku is healed by Dende.

Episode 2
Sheng Long brings back all but Vegeta.

Episode 2
Buu terrorizes city, Kibito heals Kaioushin, they then find Gohan
still alive but unconscious.

Episode 22
Majin Buu destroys another city, Trunks and Goten regain

Episode 2
Gohan trains with Zen-sword, Majin Buu destroys more cities.

Episode 2
Buu goes to Trunks house, Goku attempts to stop Buu.

Episode 2
Goku goes to Super Saiya-jin level 3, he fights Buu.

Episode 2
Super Saiya-jin level 3 Goku fights Buu, Buu kills Babi-di.

Episode 2
Goten and Trunks are shown how to perform the Fusion Dance.

Episode 2
Goten and Trunks train at the Fusion Dance, Buu builds a house.

Episode 2
Goku meets up with Gohan, Piccolo trains Trunks and Goten.

Episode 2
Piccolo trains Goten and Trunks, Gohan and Goku break the Z

Episode 2
Goten and Trunks fuse for the first time, get it wrong a few

Episode 2
Mr. Satan meets Ma-jin Buu, they become friends.

Episode 23
A sniper kills an old couple and Mr. Satans Puppy, Bee.

Episode 2
Ma-jin Buu heals the puppy, Buu expells all the evil within.

Episode 2
The evil expelled from Ma-jin Buu forms into an evil Buu.

Episode 2
Super Buu launches a fountain of Ki Blasts from Kami's.

Episode 2
Super Buu turns Chi chi into an egg, Super Buu faces Gotenks in
the room of Spirit and Time.

Episode 2
Gotenks starts his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.

Episode 2
Gotenks launches the Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack.

Episode 2
Super Buu creates a portal to leave the Room of Spirit and Time.

Episode 2
Super Buu fights Gotenks at Super Saiya-jin level 3.

Episode 2
Gotenks fights Super Buu, Gohan powers up.

Episode 2
Gohan arrives and battles Super Buu.

Episode 24
Gohan fights Super Buu, Super Buu charges up, everyone finds

Episode 25
Super Buu absorbs Gotenks and mutates, Gohan fights Super

Episode 2
Gohan fights Super Buu, Vegeta arrives at the gates of Heaven.

Episode 2
Tien returns, Super Buu absorbs Gohan.

Episode 2
Vegeta fights Super Buu, Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegetto.

Episode 2
Vegetto fights Super Buu. Dabura arrives in Heaven.

Episode 2
Vegetto fights Super Buu, the others train in Heaven.

Episode 2
Super Buu does the change attack, Vegetto gets turned into a

Episode 2
Vegetto as milkball fights Super Buu, Vegetto absorbed by Super

Episode 2
Vegetto separates, Goku and Vegeta explore interior of Buu's

Episode 2
Goku and Vegeta meet up with all that Super Buu has absorbed.

Episode 2
Vegeta and Goku fight a vision of Super Buu while inside him.

Episode 26
Vegeta tears the absorbtion pod out in which fat buu was stored
from inside Super Buu.

Episode 2
Vegeta and Goku escape out of the steam holes in buus head
and they hide into a canyon with the fighters they rescued.

Episode 2
Super Buu transforms back into Kid Buu and destroys the earth,
Goku saved dende and Mr. Satan instead of Trunks, Goten,
Piccolo and Gohan. Kid Buu invades Heaven.

Episode 2
Goku and Vegeta destroy the ear rings and decide who will fight
Kid Buu first.

Episode 2
Goku at SSJ 3 fights Kid Buu, Goku is knocked down.

Episode 2
Goku fights Kid Buu, Vegeta fights Kid Buu, Kid Buu beats Vegeta.

Episode 2
Kid Buu trashes Vegeta, Kid Buu spits out Ma-jin Buu.

Episode 2
Ma-jin Buu fights Kid Buu, Porunga is summoned, Earth is wished
back to life.

Episode 2
All the people of Earth raise their hands to create the Genkidama
for Goku.

Episode 2
Ma-jin Buu fights Kid Buu to distract him from Goku.

Episode 2
Goku destroys Kid Buu with a Genkidama.

Episode 27
Vegeta wants to vaporize Ma-jin Buu, Mr. Satan stops him.

Episode 2
Goku saves pterodactyl eggs from a storm, misses a party for him.

Episode 2
Eight years later, everyone gathers for the Tenkaichibudoukai.

Episode 2
The Tenkaichibudoukai starts, fighting assignments get passed out.

Episode 2
Goku leaves his family and friends, he and Uub (the new and
nice version of Buu) fly off to train.