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Episode 001 Episode 050 Episode 100 Episode 150 Episode 200
Androids Cell Games Frieza Great Saiyaman Saiyan
Babidi Imperfect Cell Garlic jr. Majin Buu Trunks
Buu Perfect Cell Ginyu Force Namek World Tour

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 The Arrival of Raditz 

002 The World's Strongest Team

003 Gohan's Hidden Powers 

004 Goku's Unusual Journey

005 Gohan's Metamorphosis 

006 Gohan Makes a Friend

007 Trouble on Arlia  

008 Home for Infinite Losers

009 Princess Snake's Hospitality

010 Escape from Piccolo

011 Showdown in the Past

012 The End of Snake Way  

013 A Fight Against Gravity

014 The Legend of the Saiyans

015 Black Day for the Planet Earth

016 The Battle Begins...Goku Where Are You?

017 The Saibamen Strike

018 Nappa...The Invincible?

019 Tien Goes All Out!

020 Time's Up!!

021 The Return of Goku

022 Goku Strikes Back

023 Goku vs. Vegeta...A Saiyan Duel  

024 Vegeta...Saiyan Style!

025 Stop Vegeta Now!!

026 Battle's End

 A New Goal... Namek! (View bad frames deleted)

028 A Journey to Namek 

029 Friends or Foes?!

030 Hunt for a Dragon Ball

031 Who's Who?

032 Touchdown on Namek 

033 Face Off On Namek

034 The Ruthless Frieza

035 The Nameks Versus Frieza

036 Escape From Dodoria

037 Secrets Revealed

038 A Collision Course

039 Stay Away From Frieza

040 Zarbon Transformed

041 The Eldest Namek

042 Get Vegeta!

043 Vegeta Revived

044 A Heavy Burden

045 Immortality Denied 

046 Big Trouble for Bulma

047 Scramble for the Dragonballs

048 Arrival of the Ginyu Force

Ginyu Force
 Elite Fighters of the Universe

050 Time Tricks and Body Binds

051 No Refuge From Recoome

052 Enter Goku

053 Goku... Super Saiyan? 

054 Ginyu Assualt (sound quality could be better)

055 Incredible Force!

 Frieza Approaches

057 Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku

058 Calling the Eternal Dragon 

059 Gohan Defeat Your Dad!! (sound quality could be better)

060 Captain Ginyu... The Frog

061 Password is Porunga

062 Piccolo's Return

063 The Fusion

064 Fighting Power: One Million?? (sound quality could be better)

065 Piccolo the Super-Namek (sound quality could be better)

066 Deja Vu (sound quality could be better)

067 Frieza's Second Transformation (sound quality could be better)

068 Another Transformation?

069 Dende's Demise  (sound quality could be better)

070 The Renewed Goku  (sound quality could be better)

071 The End of Vegeta (sound quality could be better)

072 The Ultimate Battle (Bad quality)

073 Clash of the Super Powers (Bad quality)

074 Freiza's Boast  (View bad frames deleted)

075 Bold and Fearless

076 Embodiment of Fire

077 Trump Card (sound quality could be better)

078 Keep the Chance Alive (sound quality could be better)

079 Power of the Spirit (sound quality could be better)

080 Transformed at Last (sound quality could be better)

081 Explosion of Anger (sound quality could be better)

082 Namek's Destruction (sound quality could be better)

083 A Final Attack  (sound quality is not to good)

084 Approaching Destruction

085 Gohan Returns  (sound quality could be better)

086 The Last Wish  (sound quality could be better)

087 Dual on a Vanishing Planet (sound quality could be better)

088 Pathos of Frieza

089 Frieza Defeated!! (sound quality could be better)

090 Mighty Blast of Rage  (View bad frames deleted)

091 Namek's Explosion… Goku’s End?

092 Goku's Alive!!

Garlic jr.
 The Heavens Tremble

094 Black Fog of Terror

095 Battle in Kami's Lookout (sound quality could be better)

096 Fight With Piccolo

097 Call For Restoration (sound quality could be better)

098 Suicidal Course (sound quality could be better)

099 Extreme Measures  (sound quality could be better)

100 The World Awakens

101 Brief Chance for Victory  (sound quality could be better)

102 Krillin's Proposal (sound quality could be better)

 Frieza's Counterattack

104 The Mysterious Youth  (sound quality could be better)

105 Another Super Saiyan?

106 Welcome Back Goku (sound quality could be better)

107 Mystery Revealed 

108 Goku's Special Technique  (sound quality could be better)

109 Z Warriors Prepare

110 Goku's Ordeal 

 The Androids Appear  (sound quality could be better)

112 A Handy Trick

113 Double Trouble for Goku

114 Upgrade to Super Saiyan (sound quality could be better)

115 The Secret of Dr. Gero (sound quality could be better)

116 More Androids?! (sound quality could be better)

117 Follow Dr. Gero (sound quality could be better)

118 Nightmare Comes True

119 Goku's Assassin (sound quality could be better)

120 Deadly Beauty (sound quality could be better)

121 No Match For The Androids (sound quality could be better)

122 Last Ditch Effort  (sound quality could be better)

123 Closing In

124 Unwelcome Discovery (sound quality could be better)

Imperfect Cell
 Seized with Fear

126 The Reunion

127 Borrowed Powers

128 His Name is Cell

129 Piccolo's Folly

130 Laboratory Basement

131 Our Hero Awakes

132 Time Chamber

133 The Monster is Coming

134 He's Here

135 Up to Piccolo

136 Silent Warrior

137 Say Goodbye

Perfect Cell

139 Saiyans Emerge

140 Super Vegeta

141 Bow to the Prince

142 Hour of Temptation

143 Krillin's Decision

144 The Last Defense

145 Cell is Complete 

146 Vegeta Must Pay 

147 Trunks Ascends 

148 Saving Throw 

149 Ghosts from Tomorrow

150 The Cell Games 

Cell Games
 What is the Tournament?

152 The Doomsday Broadcast 

153 Meet Me In the Ring 

154 No Worries Here 

155 A Girl Named Lime 

156 Memories of Gohan 

157 A New Guardian 

158 Dende's Dragon 

159 The Puzzle of General Tao 

160 The Games Begin 

161 Losers Fight First 

162 GokuVs. Cell 

163 Cell's Bag of Tricks 

164 No More Rules 

165 The Fight Is Over 

166 Faith in a Boy 

167 Gohan's desperate plea 

168 Android Explosion 

169 Children of Cell Attack

170 The Unleashing

171 The Unstoppable Gohan 

172 Cell's mighty break down 

173 A Hero's Farewell 

174 Cell Returns! 

175 The Horror Won’t End 

176 Save the World 

177 Goku's noble decision 

178 One More Wish 

179 Free the Future 

Great Saiyaman
 Warriors of the Dead

181 Tournament Begins 

182 Water Fight 

183 Final Round

184 Goku vs. Pikkon (sound quality could be better)

185 Gohan Goes to High School

186 I am Saiyaman! 

187 Gohan's First Date

188 Rescue Videl 

189 Blackmail 

190 I'll Fight Too! 

191 The Newest Super Saiyan 

192 Take Flight Videl

193 Gather for the Tournament 

194 Camera Shy 

World Tour
 The World Tournament

196 Trunks vs. Goten 

197 Best of the Boys 

198 Big Trouble little Trunks

199 Who Will Fight Who?

 Forfeit of Piccolo

201 A Dark and Secret Power

202 Videl Is Crushed 

203 Identities Revealed 

204 Energy Drain 

 The Wizard's Curse

206 King of the Demons 

207 Vegeta Attacks 

208 Next Up Goku

209 Battle Supreme 

210 Eighteen Unmasks

211 Pay to win

212 Heart Of A Villain

213 The Dark Prince Returns

214 Vegeta’s Pride

215 The Long Awaited Fight

216 The Magic Ball of Buu

Majin Buu
 Buu is hatched

218 The Losses Begin 

219 The Terror of Mr. Buu 

220 Meal Time 

221 The Warrior’s Decision 

222 Final Atonement 

223 The nightmare reoccurs!! Evil lives on

224 Find the Dragon Balls

225 Revival

226 Global Announcement

227 Learn to Fuse

228 The Z Sword

229 Race To Capsule Corp.

230 Super Saiyan 3!!

231 Buu's Mutiny

232 The Fusion Dance

233 Goku's Time Is Up

234 Return To The Other World

235 Out From The Broken Sword

236 Gotenks Is Born

237 Unlikely Friendship

238 I kill No More

239 The Evil Men

240 Buu Against Buu

241 Empty Planet

242 Time Struggle

243 Super Moves Of Gotensk

244 Traped In Forever

245 Feeding Frenzy

246 Gotenks Is Awesome

247 Unlucky Break

248 A Whole New Gohan

249 Search for Survivors

250 Majin Buu Transforms

251 The Old Kai's Weapon

252 Ready to Fuse

253 Union Of Rivals

254 Meet Vegito

255 Rip in the Universe (comming soon)