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Other Characters
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Arqua Froug Kilah Mr Popo Princess Snake
Baba Goz & Mez King Yemma Olibu Puar
Caterpy Grandpa Gohan Korin Oolong Raiti
Chapuchai Guru Maraikoh Ox-King Sharpner
Chi-Chi Hercule Maron Pikkon Shenron Dragon
Dr. Brief Jewel Master Roshi Pintar Torbie
Erasa Kami Mighty Mask Porunga Dragon Zaacro

From the East Quadrant of the Other World. He is unfortunate enough to get paired up with Goku in the 3rd match of the quarterfinals during the Other World Tournament. His strength comes in the water which is why he turned the tournament ring into a block of water. He fought a good fight but Goku triumphed in the end after a Kamehameha Wave knocked Argua and all the water out of the ring.


Baba is the comical sister of Master Roshi. Short and squat, she uses her crystal ball to see into the future or to see what is happening in the present in other locations. When the television coverage of the Saiyan fight is interrupted, Master Roshi, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ox-King and Oolong gather around her ball to see how their friends and loved ones are faring. Baba can bring a dead person back to life for 24 hours.


Brolly is a legendary saiyan and that's why he is the only one that reachs this level. An ultra super saiyan 2 is just like an ultra super saiyan very slow.


From the South quadrant of the Other World. He never had a chance in the Other World Tournament since his first opponent was Goku. Caterpy actually only lost because during the fight he decided to morph into his ultimate form, which takes 1200 years, so the Grand Kai declared Goku the winner because he didn't want to wait.


From the East quadrant of the Other World. Although known for his speed Chapuchai lost in the first round of the Other World Tournament. The victor in his match was the legendary Earthling Olibu.


As the headstrong wife of Goku, some say Chi-Chi is the most powerful woman on Earth (because she can control Goku). They met in Dragon Ball when Chi-Chi saves Goku. Her father, Ox-King, trained her to be a formidable fighter in her own right. In Dragon Ball Z, Chi-Chi is mainly seen as a loving wife and doting mother, concerned and protective, perhaps even over-protective, of her family. She is always encouraging Gohan with his studies and often finds herself stubbornly at odds with Gohan's involvement with the martial arts. Chi-Chi would rather him be studying.


   Dr. Brief
Intelligent, friendly and easy-going, Dr. Brief is Bulma's father and president of Capsule Corporation. Capsule Corp. makes the capsules Bulma often uses that turn into large objects like cars. His technical genius reveals why Bulma is so handy with machines. Dr. Brief repairs the spaceships so that Goku and the others can go to Namek. Mrs. Brief is the wife of Dr. Brief and mother of Bulma. Friendly and talkative, Mrs. Brief is seen mostly at home. She loves to have company and entertain guests.


Erasa also meets Gohan at Orange High School. She is friends with Sharpner and always seems to be with him. Erasa is pretty good friends with Videl and Gohan.


From the South quadrant of the Other World. He was destined to loose to Maraikoh in the Other World Tournament but not before putting a good fight. He attempted to push Maraikoh from the ring by swelling up to the size of the arena but his efforts weren't enough.


   Goz & Mez
2 guys from Home for Infinite Losers.


   Grandpa Gohan


Wise, peace-loving, selfless and good, Guru is the eldest of all Namekians and father to all of his kind. (Namekians are unisex and hatched from eggs.) Guru is also the creator of the Namekian Dragon Balls. When he passes away, the power of the Dragon Balls to summon the Dragon Porunga and have wishes granted, also will pass away. Because Guru is very old and sick, this is a great concern on his planet. Using his powers, Guru brings out the secret power within Krillin and Gohan, and bestows on Dende a powerful healing ability. Guru is guarded by Nail, a strong Namekian warrior trained in all the ancient Namekian fighting techniques.


   Hercule (Mr Satan)
An expert at PR, Hercule has always been a champion at gaining credit for himself. He is not always the tough guy he appears to be. in fact he can be quite cowardly. He was the World Martial Art's Champion of the previous tournament and manages to win the title again by doing a side deal with Android 18...the other finalist for the championship title. Despite his faults, he does the Earth a good turn. He befriends Buu eventually convincing Buu to stop hurting the people of Earth. Unfortunately, this pledge does not last when Buu becomes angry because his puppy is hurt.


Jewel thinks he gods gift to women. He too fights in the Battle Royale during the World Tournament Three with the last four remaining contestants. He hits on No. 18 and tries to get her to throw the match, she answers with a hard blow that sends him soaring out of the ring and gets him disqualified.


Kami, guardian of Earth is originally from the Planet Namek. He created the Dragon Balls on Earth. Desiring to be good and pure, Kami cast off his negative evil side which became Piccolo. Thus the two are mysteriously linked. If and when one passes away, the other will pass away also. And of course, if Kami the creator of Earth's Dragon Balls passes away, so will the power of Earth's Dragon Balls. He has some capability of seeing into the future, and can also sense the change when Piccolo starts becoming a better person. Kami brings Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu, and Krillin together for training in the famous Pendulum Room, the center of all past, present and future, and then sends them back to earth to prepare for the Saiyans.When Goku is killed fighting Raditz, Kami takes Goku to the Next Dimension for training with King Kai. Kami lives with his friend Mr. Popo on "Kami's Lookout," a tower which floats high above the Earth. Later, Kami fuses with Piccolo to make Piccolo stronger.


Kilah is a participant in the World Tournament Three and fights in the Battle Royale as well. He doesn't last very long and with one punch Goten and Trunks disguised as Mighty Mask launch him from the ring.


   King Yemma
Great King Yemma is the most powerful and the fastest ogre in the other world. He sits at the entrance desk of the 'Next Dimension' and admits people into 'The Upper World' or 'The Lower World.' He was also the first to make it all the way down Snake Way.


Korin, a cat, is a wise martial arts master that lives in 'Korin's Tower'. Korin grows the magical healing Senzu Beans that often help the Z Fighters in battle. He hangs out with Yajirobe.


From the West Quadrant of the Other World. He has to fight Froug at the beginning of the Other World Tournament and beats Froug by throwing him from the ring. His efforts were wasted after Goku decided to triumph over Maraikoh the same way he had taken Froug.




   Master Roshi
Kamesennin mutenroushi
An ancient and wise master of martial arts, Roshi has accumulated great power and knowledge. He's completely bald and has a long, white beard. Because he has lived for countless years on a deserted island with only a turtle for companionship, he is also called the 'Turtle Hermit.' His home, the Kame house, continues to serve as a gathering place for the good guys. Although he may appear strange, frail and harmless, Master Roshi is indeed a great warrior. He originally trained Goku and Krillin when they were young boys. The first earthling to ever understand how to nurture and control the Power of Light, Roshi trains Goku and Krillin in its use. It was Master Roshi who taught Goku the Kamehameha attack.
Son Goku learned a great deal from Kamesennin Mutenroushi, who was a former champion of the Budokai.
Early in the Dragon Ball series, when Son Goku sees Kamesennin unleash the "Kame Hame Ha," Kamesennin becomes his first Sensai. Goku's potential was gradually realized throughout his training. Son Goku was influenced beyond mere fighting technique. Kamesennin always believed that one should constantly seek improvement, no matter what one's level of skill is. He intentionally joined the contest in the first competition, and defeated Goku so that he would have a goal to strive for, rather than becoming content with victory. He demonstrated in the second competition that there is always someone better when he purposely forfeited in the battle against Tien. His teachings are obvious in Goku's kind nature and his desire to spare the lives of his opponents with the hope that he would meet a greater challenge in the future. Even after defeating Frieza with neither fighter appearing stronger than the other, Goku still sought to improve his own skills rather than return immediately to earth. His significance greatly fades however in Dragonball Z. In the series he is portrayed as a dirty old man and little more.


   Mighty Mask
He would have been a participant in the World Tournament Three if Trunks hadn't knocked him out and taken his costume so that Goten and him could fight in the adult division. Trunks and Goten get found out about during the Battle Royale when No. 18 cuts their disguise in half with an energy blast and they get disqualified.


   Mr Popo
Mr. Popo is the servant of Kami. He has been on Earth longer than the present Kami, and will remain to serve the next guardian of Earth. He helps Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan get to Namek by showing Bulma the location of Kami's old ship. Though small and silly in appearance, Mr. Popo is a powerful fighter, and wise, truthful and reliable. He assists Kami in saving the Earth from Garlic Jr.


From the North quadrant of the Other World. King Kai said that most of Earth's heroic legends are based on Olibu and a few cartoons too. The well-known Olibu lost early during the Other World Tournament to Picon who made it all the way to fight Goku in the last match.


He's a shape-shifting pig who joined forces with the good guys. He attended the same shape-shifting school as Puar, but cheated to pass. Oolong can only change shape for a short period of time and then has to rest. Not much of a fighter, he mostly hangs out at Master Roshi's home.


This giant of a man is Chi-Chi's father. Once a great fighter, he trained under Master Roshi alongside Goku's adoptive father, Gohan, but he rarely fights any more. Ox-King trained his daughter to be a formidable fighter, so that she could protect herself and her family. He visits Goku and Chi-Chi's house often and enjoys eating meatloaf.


Pikkon spends his life in the west quadrant of the galaxy as a great and honorable warrior, then becomes West Kai's prizefighter when he passes into Other World. Like Goku, Pikkon wants to train under the Grand Kai and joins the Other World Tournament. He advances to the final round and faces Goku. Goku narrowly beats him, but both are disqualified for touching the ring's ceiling, thus ending the battle in a draw. Like Piccolo, Pikkon wears weighted clothing to train himself between battles.


Pintar is a participant in the World Tournament Three. He goes up against Krillian in the first match of the World Tournament. But he doesn't get any farther than that after Krillian knocked him out of the ring with a slap kick combo.


   Porunga Dragon
The Namekian Dragon Porunga can be summoned after gathering all seven of the Namekian Dragon Balls. He is more brutal looking than the Earth Dragon, Shenron. Also, he has the power to grant three wishes instead of one - as long as the wishes do not exceed the power of the one who created the Dragon Balls, and as long as this creator lives.


   Princess Snake
Princess Snake has been princess of Snake Way for the last 1500 years. And she is pretty, the winner of beauty awards. Since it has been over 500 years since they had guests, Princess Snake is intrigued by the arrival of Goku and tries to trick him into staying by placing Sleepy Grass into his food. When that doesn't work, she tries to force him into staying. Princess Snake has a dream mirror which she uses to discern Goku's dreams.


Puar is the devoted companion of Yamcha. They met Goku and Bulma together in the first series, Dragon Ball. Puar is a shape-shifting blue cat who went to the same school as Oolong. Unlike Oolong, Puar can shift shapes without having to stop and rest every few minutes.


Attends Orange High School with Gohan. Sharpner likes Videl who also attends Orange High School. He is very athletic and likes to work out. When we first meet Sharpner he devotes most of his time to finding out who the Great Saiyan Man is. He later discovers that the Gohan is the Great Saiyan Man.


   Shenron Dragon
Like the Namekian Dragon Porunga, Earth's Dragon Shenron can be summoned by gathering all seven of the Dragon Balls. Shenron can bestow any wish as long as it does not exceed the power of its creator and as long as the creator still lives. In Shenron's case, the creator is Kami. Unlike Porunga, however, Shenron can only grant one wish per summoning.


From the South quadrant of the Other World. Torbie goes up against Tapcar and doesn't even have to lift a finger to claim his victory. Tapcar wore his self out parading around the tournament ring as fast as he could until he was so tired that he choose to give up.

   Zaacro & Raiti
Bulma, Gohan and Krillin landed on the planet of Zaacro & Raiti. Zaacro & Raiti fooled them (with mind control) in thinking they were on Namek